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Geoffrey pulled out a handkerchief and blew his nose. The corners of his lips showed a bluish tinge that really worried the nurse. He fainted with hunger and fatigue, but came to after a while. I like the theater. I go to the theater often. The jacket, which I wanted, costed three hundred dollars.

I planted a peach tree in my garden. I hear a strange sound. Root put his clothes on. Lin was terrific. I feel really stupid. He boasted of having passed the entrance exam. Kay kept a penknife in his pocket.

There's another problem you don't even know about. I think we should take a break. You wouldn't lie. A katydid's ears are in its knees. Please don't make me do that again. Looking up from the bed, he thanked me for helping him. It would be good if you started working seriously. You shouldn't listen to him. They did not abide by the school regulations.

Did you hear what Jean-Pierre said about Carlos? It really suits you. I will wait for a week. Herman's wife kicked him out.

They are highly complementary. What've they done to her? Did they tell you anything about their plans for this evening? I like all kinds of music but I'm most fond of classical. Vadim seems to be happy now. Shatter has selective hearing. He only hears what he wants to hear. I don't agree and I'm going to tell you why. Can you introduce me to someone who speaks French? Have you ever thought of becoming a writer? He who climbs up, will fall down.

Some bolts need to be tightened up. Vladimir scored three touchdowns in last night's game. This pencil is yours. Mine is on the desk.

I didn't expect that Terrance would come so soon. I know what's wrong with him. They begged us to help them. Is the chicken local? We don't like to get involved. He should revise his lessons!

I'm just lost for words. There's more wind today than yesterday. Oy, why do you hit me?! They sat down. Swollen lymph nodes are usually found near the site of an infection, tumour, or inflammation. To tell the truth, I don't agree with you. Well, he is pretty preoccupied these days. Audrey asked his boss for a raise. The pears of Korla are really sweet. I usually take size eight shoes.

Each single-author book is immensely particular, a story told as only one storyteller could recount it. We could sing together. I've got what you want. These may come in handy. Sergiu has no idea what's happening. How did they find out?

Thank you for picking me up. I have to stay up all night and study. This is fantastic! I can't put up with his insults any longer. Val is going to go to school tomorrow.

Who hit her? No one except Tran will be able to do that. It's because you're an idiot. Could you please tell me where to put this? What color reflects light the best? I want to hear the truth.

The unexpected often happens in life. I know Monica let you down. The bird is in the sky. They don't eat anything. I still say it was a good idea. How many eggs does this hen lay each week? In hockey and soccer, goals are counted as points. I don't want to sue Lois. Would you please turn on the air conditioner?

He is the last person to break his promise. OK, I won't do it again. I've probably heard of him somewhere. I go to work at seven o'clock. Seicho Matumoto died in 1992. I don't think I can get along with him. I like persons better than principles, and I like persons with no principles better than anything else in the world. Willie said he knew where Tait lived. Why'd you do that? As a child, I liked catching fireflies and putting them inside a jar.

Suresh might be a vegetarian. Her sadness was written all over her face. Why would Rodent do something like that? This is confusing. I really want to meet him. I suppose so. The accident happened because of the driver's negligence. Doesn't anyone want to know why we're here?

Not everyone here can speak French. I understand what happened. I ate chicken nuggets. She hit him. I could force you to do that, but I don't really want to. A chimney carries smoke from a fireplace to the outside.

Can I do something for you? I just saw a ghost. I forgot to tell you about her. Jerald is staying at my place this week. A car stopped at the entrance. I believe we've seen enough. Vidhyanath won't give us any more trouble.

This place will be difficult to defend. A prize was given in honor of the great scientist. For him, his principles were irrefutable. Do you have a bowling ball? Damone and Kari came separately. Raanan knows what he's going to do. What books did you buy? Can you eat raw oysters?

Kamiya doesn't like hot food. There are dictionaries and dictionaries. He was too embarrassed to utter a word in front of the crowd. Would you like me to call a taxi? Each robot is equipped with a talking machine. I shouldn't have yelled at Duane.